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Restaurant Casa Portuguesa

This restaurant is quite a landmark of Ericeira, a town on the coast of Portugal, right outside of Lisbon. Even though it was popular for its local dishes, the owners wanted to give it a warmer atmosphere.

So, the warmth of wood was an obvious choice, trying to keep a little bit of an industrial feeling. Steel frames, industrial style lamps and metal chairs helped creating the desired ambience. The use of tiles in a deep blue colour around the bar, helped alluding to the sea and to all the fresh fish that arrives in the early morning to the restaurant. And because the meat dishes served at the restaurant are also popular, the wood browns, by opposition, give a more wintery feeling to the establishment.

Our clients wanted to keep serving meat and fish, and a design that would make customers feel welcome. Both in winter and summer. The use of deep blue, wood and steel seemed like a good compromise, making customers think of both fish and meat.

Lucas Freire Architecture

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