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Friendship Boat

The Friendship Boat is now an office for a remarkable advertising agency. A rebirth project of the infamous Badboot (a ferry boat that partially sank).
The place brings visiting and working to a whole new level of collaboration, immersed in vegetation and fresh playful colours which stimulates creativity and thinking out-of-the-box.

Why would you dream to work at an exclusive location overlooking the water when you can be on the water itself?
When clients come come to the boat you give them a whole new experience: coming on board for a meeting!
The conversion of an infamous partially sunk boat was a challenge that Lucas Freire Architecture was happy to take on.

The entire boat received a makeover in terms of interior, but also its use and function changed.
Friendship had the courage to buy a boat in poor condition and have it transformed into their flagship.

Lucas Freire Architecture

Square Ambiorix 10
1000 Brussels
T 32 485 93 01 79


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