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Hélène Van Marcke

interieur ontwerper

A perfectly proportioned perspective. The contrast between light and shadow. Many simple things thrill me.

I love to be inspired by the archetypes of design that surround us and bring them into a contemporary world.

I love the Arte Povera movement and the old American Shaker houses.

Every object should be thrilling to touch, use and look at. Things should be pure, timeless and warm.

The contact with clients results into a spontaneous and personal approach of each project.

Our creations ought to be with strong impact, somewhere in between softness and rigidity, sophisticated without any pretension, with a touch of “retro” humor and a timeless feel to it.

Onze Awards

Prix Annick Buchet for Up Up Up, 2010

Dynamo Young Designer Award, with Up Up Up, Parallel, Line and Jerrycan, 2010

Homologie ( for Design September ) Brussels, 2012

Dialogue ( for Design September ) Brussels, 2013

Dialogue Belgian Design News ( for Design September ) Brussels, 2014

Hélène Van Marcke

Papegaaistraat 69
9000 Gent
T 32 474 74 71 56




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